Thursday, October 27, 2011

32 weeks...

our little love is going to be a ghost for her first halloween!
she looks so precious in this tutu!!
nay nay had her giggling so much...IMG_6401
friendliest ghost i've ever seen!
(and the white headband is another sweet gift from kristen)
our new house has a long hallway from the front to the back of the house and isla loves to crawl up and down it.  i couldn't resist taking some pictures of her in her polka's and stripes!
Picnik collage
her crawling is so good.  she loves when you chase her...  she will start laughing and crawling faster to get away.  it's hilarious!  note to self... i need to get that on video.
can you tell we are big fans of the babylegs around here!?  they are just so precious.  auntie shea got these for isles and they are cute with anything!  
this pulling up thing makes me so nervous!  especially on that table with the pointy corners.  (i see a new coffee table or ottoman in our near future.)  she loves standing and has even started cruising around the table and couch.
pulling up on everything... even the toilet!  
sweet, happy girl.  
we cheered for our favorite teams this week!  
gig em aggies!  go rangers!
still loves riding in the cart and trying to chew on everything we pass.  we have a home goods like 3 blocks from our house so we visit it often!
i love these next two pictures.  they really show her fun personality.  everyday is more and more fun.  isla definitely keeps us on our toes and makes us laugh so hard!  this is such a fun age.  i love watching her discover everything around her.  my 7 month old reminds me everyday that i should cherish even the little things in life.
we love you sweet girl.  


kristen said...

that girl is too much fun squeezed into that tiny body. I can't even get over it!

kristen said...

and the ghost! i love the ghost! that is so so fantastic!!