Monday, April 11, 2011

week 2...

i'm sorry this is so late... i promise to get better.
i have absolutely no idea where the time goes with a newborn.  we have been pretty busy the past 2 
weeks meeting new family and friends, trips to northpark, lunch dates, and even a little road trip to austin to help celebrate some dear friends.
at her 2 week doctor appointment isla weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces (25th percentile) and
was 22 inches long (98 percentile).  so, for now we have a long and skinny
little lady!  just check out those fingers!
everyone loves nap time!
nap time
i'm not sure if our baby is just exceptionally strong but she can hold that head up like a champ!
and of course we had to go visit daddy at the fire station in our fdny gear (aren't those leggings
just the cutest... i can't get enough of them)
week 3 post is coming soon!!


David and Kathrin said...

You guys are the best!! Love y'all tons! It was sooo good to see you all on Sunday! Isla is just precious! Can't wait to come love on her soon!

drjbbgrace said...

love the FDNY picture, also the owl outfit. what am I saying she has so many clothes she won't be able to wear them all, but she does look adorable in everything she wears.