Friday, March 11, 2011

due date...

it's march 11, 2011 and we are still waiting on miss isla grace...
we have had each week written on the chalkboard in our kitchen, and i really can't believe that it finally says 40 weeks on it.  we are so excited to think that soon we will be able to see her sweet
face instead of just the sono pics on the fridge.
so while we are waiting, i have been doing lots of crafting.
there will be more details to come about these little projects i've been working on.  
also, i thought i would show off my craft room that the hubs made for me.  (well, it's actually a corner in the laundry room, but it works perfectly).
craft room
i know it's cluttered and kind of a mess right now, but it's fun to have a place for everything. 
so until isla decides she's ready to meet everyone, we'll be here...


Lauren said...

Happy Due Date Isla Grace! Hope you decide to show up soon!

kristen said...

can not wait to meet her!!! you look so skinny!! and those letters and hearts are SO cute! i cant wait to see all of the projects!