Thursday, June 26, 2014

elly grey

it has been over a year since my last post.  fail.  
so much has changed in the last year but mostly we added a new family member.  
elly grey baker
10.16.2013 at 12:18 pm
8 pounds 10 ounces, 21 inches

i really don't know how it happens.  how you can love something (or two) so much.  when we got pregnant the second time i was so anxious about loving this baby.  i just couldn't imagine how i could love another child as much as i loved isla.  would it always be like this?  would that baby always feel second?  and then we found out we were having another girl and the feeling amplified times 100!  in my crazy mind at least if they were a different sex i could fathom loving them the same but in a different way.  but with 2 girls how was this ever going to happen!?  (i had some crazy mama hormones going on)  
then she was here.  there was definitely an adjustment period.  the second baby was WAY harder than the first on me.  things were way more complicated with 2 kids.  i was a typical sleep deprived, hormonal mom, elly was colic (and turns out had awful reflux), and isla was an almost 3 year old (wow).  but we got through the first 4 months and things started looking up.  
i'll never forget rocking elly to sleep one night when she was about 3 months old and looking at her sweet face and crying so hard.  it was the 'real' first time when i wasn't stressed or worried about something else that had to be done or being distracted by isla that i looked at her and felt this overwhelming sense of love.  i know that sounds bad but that isn't how i mean it.  i loved her the very second i saw her in that delivery room but this was the first time it hit me that you can love 2 (or even 3 or more i'm sure) children with all your heart... there is room.  i can't imagine my life without this happy, serious, lovable, funny, cuddly, smart, sweet girl.  she has quickly become the favorite in our family to all 3 of us :) (kidding).  isla adores her and calls elly her best friend all the time.  and elly looks for isla at all times and follows her around the house.  i never had a sister so its already amazing to watch this bond between them.  it is going to be such a joy watching them grow up together.


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kristen said...

i just love this post so so much. Those girls are going to be best friends for life. And I just love your honesty. it is so refreshing hearing how life really is. multiple kids is so hard! love love a new post. cant wait for more :)