Sunday, February 17, 2013

23 months.

in a month my baby will be 2.  
i'm not quite sure i've wrapped my head around that yet... i guess i have another month.
the first year you count their age in weeks, the second year in months, what happens after that... years i assume.  wow, that happened fast.
things are fast & furious around here... we have a toddler, full force!  

funny isla faves these days:
she asks to watch dora... all day long! (not sure if this is a favorite, but it's definitely a memory)
isla is still our little dancer... daily dance parties are a must around here.
she can count to 10.
i'm amazed she isn't skin and bones with how busy she is... always running!
loves reading her books before bed.  we had to start limiting the number or we would be up all night!
she likes to take her stuffed brobee everywhere.
isla can laugh so hard she cries... i love that.
she loves to play hide and seek and says 'you scare me' when you find her.
isla loves her friends and asks about them every day.
she's just the sweetest, happiest little girl.  here's to our last month with a 1 year old. 

i love this picture.  i just feel like it say's a lot...

getting her dance on...
for anyone that watches fresh beat band on a daily basis you might recognize these moves :)

and this is an isla original...
love her more than anything!

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kristen said...

this is too much. you are kidding me with those dance moves. and make me cry thinking about her turning two. i really can not believe it. she is just truly an angel.