Friday, January 18, 2013

22 months.

happy 22 months to our little crazy.  
she has definitely adopted crazy as her new nickname.  i'm not sure what has happened in the last month but she has this new burst of energy.  if i thought she were busy before this is a whole new level!  she is hilarious and fun and crazyyyy!!!

some 22 month favs:
lots of talking.  and her words are super cute!
isles still loves dancing.  we have about 2-3 dance parties a day and it's my favorite thing in the world!  
the girl loves candy (not really surprised)!
she has very intense- like hand motions and all- conversations with herself in the mirror.  adorable!
she loves playing with her friends.
isla sings twinkle, twinkle little star in her sweet little voice.
somehow my daughter has developed a love for dora... oh dora...
love her little piggies and ponytail!
isla talks to us on the phone.  you can't tell much of what she is saying but it's still cute.
she loves her yo gabba gabba sleep book!

i just feel like she is growing up so so fast.  i can't believe she is almost 2.  i had a conversation tonight with a girl about to have her first baby.  we talked about how drastically your life changes and how you feel so unprepared and your life doesn't seem like your life anymore.  but then one day you realize you can't remember life without them and how much joy they bring.  those words have never felt more true.

love you little lady!

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