Monday, November 19, 2012

20 months!

my sweet, little 20 month old!  
we had a fun month.  halloween was so fun this year and isla was the cutest little cookie on the block!
isla is growing and changing everyday.  i can't even believe she will be 2 in only four months.  crazy!!

my favorites at 20 months:
her happiness.  all the time.  it's infectious!
isles is so chatty.  always talking.  and my favorite is how you can't understand most of what she is saying, yet i know exactly what she is talking about.  that's what moms do... right!?
some of her favorite things to say 'i want snacks', 'dada go' (to work), 'wanna walk (to the park)', 'wanna ride (in the car)'.
she still loves the fresh beat band the most and calls them, 'bresh beat'.
i for real think hope isla is going to be a famous dancer.  the girl loves music so much and loves to dance.  its so precious!
isla likes to take the keys and put them in the keyhole, but she can't get them out so she just tells me...
'it's stuck."
she loves her ab-eeee (abby)!
she has started to sing songs.  she sings twinkle, twinkle little star and you can hear her singing in her crib in the mornings.
she counts to 3.  i know... genius!
isla loves her blanket and her monkey.
isles will say 'shhhh' and start whispering if she thinks abby is sleeping.  it's seriously cute!!
'dawwwg' has become 'dawwwg-ee'.
really everything is my favorite.  i can't even imagine my life without this sweet, little girl.  just look at that smile...

love you isla girl!

hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving!  
we have oh so much to be thankful for.

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