Monday, October 22, 2012

19 months.

happy 19 months isla girl!
this is such a fun age!  i really love it.  everyday is so much fun and something new and different.  
isla's vocabulary is growing so much and it's hilarious to hear her cute words.
we just love this little girl more than we could have ever imagined.

favorites at 19 months:
her talking.  she talks non-stop (i just wish i could understand most of it).  but she is saying so many words.  she repeats most things we say and puts together a couple words at a time now.
she still loves sleep and actually loves her bed more than ever.  (wahoo)
we have been going to music class the past month.  she does a little bit of running around the room but loves to sing and dance too.
she loves her friends and loves playing with kids.
the girl loves food!  and now says "i want snacks".  for real!?
she giggles.  and it's cute.
she is sweet.  she gives big hugs and kisses.
isla thinks it's so funny when i beat box.  yes, i beat box... but only for my daughter :)
isles loves her daddy so much.  when joe is at work she asks "where dada go?"
we love our sweet, little isles!

this year isla is a sugar cookie with sprinkles :) for halloween...
and who wouldn't try to eat the sprinkles!  that's my girl!
love you little boo!