Thursday, September 27, 2012

happy 1/2!!

happy 1/2 birthday isla girl!!  
seriously cannot believe isles is 18 months old.  the days are flying by.  
this is definitely a fun age.  she changes everyday.  when i get her out of bed on the mornings after i work she looks so much older.  
i'm so thankful for our little 18 month old sweet girl!

18 month faves:
her sweet talking.  she just chats all day long.  some things i can understand but most is just jabber.
how she swings one arm when she runs.  
she calls me 'mom'.  not like your normal 1 year old 'momma' but more like a teenager yelling 'mom' from the back seat of the car.  it's kind of hilarious!
dogs are her absolute favorite thing.
she calls water 'wa wa'.  which i love and reminds me of my days in philly.
isla greets everyone with a 'hi' and 'bye bye' at every store.
still loves dancing.  music class has been quite a hit!
she is learning and saying new words everyday and can pick out her favorites from the flash cards.
she is getting much better at making her own ideas and opinions known :)
her smile is contagious.
chase and peek-a-boo are favorite games around here.
she loves to draw on her chalkboard.
isla is such a sweet, sweet little girl and keeps us laughing all the time.

official stats...
28 pounds (90%), 33 inches tall (85%)
a healthy girl!

and our official pics...


hugging her favorite chair...
happy 1/2 birthday baby girl!  
we love you!

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