Sunday, June 17, 2012

15 months & father's day.

happy 15 months isla grace!
isla is oh so chatty these days.  she has full out conversations for hours, if only i knew what she was saying!  it's the most precious little chatter.
she is also a little busy bee!!  literally, into everything!  it's amazing how fast she moves and how quickly one drawer can be emptied all over the floor!  

15 month favorites:
25 pounds 1 ounce (80%), 31 inches long (80%)
her sweet personality.  isla loves people and is such a social little girl.  
how isla's face lights up when her daddy walks in the room. 
so thankful for our good eater... and her chubby little legs!
isla loves abby.
8 teeth (6 top, and 2 bottom) and an insanely cute gap between her front 2 teeth :)
she can communicate very well just by pointing.  she points to everything that she wants, so helpful!  and she shakes her head 'yes' or 'no' when we ask her questions.
her words are mama, dada, dog, bird, bye bye, shoes (chews), and fish (ish), and of course no!
isla understands so much of what we are saying.  i think it is amazing to watch her get things or do things when we talk about them.  we are going to have to start spelling words soon!
isla loves being outside.
she needs 'me' time.  (typical first child)
dog's are her favorite.
isles is such a social little girl.  she loves people watching and talking to everyone!
isla loves to dance and sing!  i just hope she gets joe's musical talent and maybe one day we can all move to nyc when she is a huge broadway star!  oh... a dream come true! :)
she likes to sit on the edge of the chair now...

and happy fathers day joe!  we love you so much!
thank you for all you do everyday.  you make me and isla feel so loved!
happy father's day! 
you are the best!!

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kristen said...

i love the pics when she is on the chair. so much. keep those comin!