Tuesday, May 22, 2012

14 months.

14 months!  
the days are a blur.  isla is so much fun!  her little personality is so sweet and funny!
everyday is something new.  and even more fun.
so thankful for this sweet, little girl and all the great ways she has changed us.

my favorites at 14 months:
isla loves dancing!  she has added a new spin move to her dance routine... (video to come)
finally saying 'mama' more consistently!  and runs over and holds on to my leg... so sweet.
dogs are her favorite thing!  even the fake dog at the front of every old navy.  isla always has to go pet the old navy dog and then gets so proud of herself.
eats like a champ and loves food!
if we say 'do you want to go outside', she immediately gets her shoes and walks to the door.  same with 'do you want to eat', she tries to climb into her high chair.
she loves to try and run!  ahhh, scares me!  her little legs are all scraped and bruised but it never slows her down.  she falls then gets right up and keeps on going.
6 teeth (4 top and 2 bottom)
when you ask 'where her belly is?' she will happily point to it for you.
isla can make quite a mess... she pulls all her toys out of the baskets but she also loves to put everything back.  great little helper!
loves playing pat-a-cake.  (her favorite part is rolling it up)
she loves reading her books!
isles is loving the pool... little water baby!
only taking one nap a day and still sleep about 12 hours at night.
isla loves other kids.  she will just follow strangers (other children) around at the playground.
she gives sweet kisses and hugs!


cute little video of isla showing off her spin moves to american idol!
 happy 14 months little lady!
we love you.

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kristen said...

i love this!! she is SO BIG!! ahhh! how is this going so fast! little dog lover. miss her.