Monday, May 23, 2011

week 9...

isla was so active this month... this was a hard picture to get and i can only see it getting harder in the future!  she is just so fascinated by things now.  new things she has discovered in the past week are: cartoons on tv (i think she loves all the bright colors and singing), books (she loves to stare at the pages when you turn them), and always a favorite the ceiling fan!
she has so many different expressions and it's amazing to see how quickly they change.
and don't you just love that baby belly!
she also loves to stare at herself or you in the mirror (that's what her and daddy are doing here)!
we also had another huge moment this week (as i'm sure you noticed in the previous post).  
abby has finally warmed up to isla!!  i really thought this day might never come.  but they are so sweet together.  abby will just go lay next to isla on her play mat... it makes this momma so happy!

watching some backyardigans together!

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drjbbgrace said...

another wonderful post and awesome pictures of miss isla and abby. I enjoyed my visit waiting for thursday to come so I can see yall again. love always naynay & pops.